Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The worst 'About Us' page I have ever seen!

It starts like this...

Thermilate Europe Ltd (TEL) traded unsuccessfully under the Managing-Directorship of Mr Mohammed Ashfaq for a number of years to the extent that by June 2009 it had racked up losses of £370,000. By late 2010 the shareholders, having grown frustrated with Mr Ashfaq’s performance and stewardship suspended him from his office whilst certain investigations were conducted.

Mr Ashfaq was then dismissed from the company for gross misconduct in December 2010...

I was quite interested in this company's offerings. I am not now!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Windows 7 now backing up to Apple Time Capsule

Wow, there are LOTS of drawn out threads on this. I was very lucky to find this one...

After first setting up Time Capsule on my Macs and running Time Machine on those; I installed Airport Utility on Yolanda's Acer Laptop (5741) and it easily saw the Time Capsule NAS device.

Looking for backup options for Windows I came across SyncToy by Microsoft so installed that -

And then I read how to use 'Task Scheduler' to auto run SyncToy, here...

Quite a lot of surfing discussion lists but actually quite a simple result! Nice.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Some things are just meant to be...

Now on iTunes!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Dan Lockton's cards

Pretty impressed with Dan's cards as nice ways to think about design...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

iPad and kids

I was pretty disappointed at the amount of energy people spent destroying the iPad concept before even laying their hands on it. I was sure it was worth withholding judgement for a while.

This, for example, is interesting...

(Thanks Julie)

The experience of contacting Virgin about Mobile Broadband (which I don't seem to get at the advertised 20% off)

I'm having some trouble contacting Virgin. When I email them I get a response which is 99% standard text, with perhaps an extra sentence if I'm lucky. Each time they tell me to log in and fill out a 'contact us' form. When I try this, their website script falls over, as you can see in the picture below. When I tell Virgin about this by email they apologise that 'I am having trouble getting online' ask me to try again or phone them (for 10p). I keep trying and keep getting the same response. Now my only option is to make time during the working day and pay the requisite 10p to ask then why I am not getting my 20% discount. Not the best user experience I can imagine. Perhaps I should stop paying my bills and ask them for 10p to phone me about it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Where to get cheap/free persona photographs

It is really important to ensure that photos used for Personas are legal. You really need to know where to source your persona photos and I wouldn't recommend:
- taking any old image from the web
- google image search
- dating or personals websites

You might try the following
- Stock.Xchng - some free photos
- Fotolia - photos for a few pence
- Dreamstime - photos for a few pence
- Flickr - some photos on here may be licensed to use for free

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Word headings - mysterious renumbering of headings

OK I'm trying to do the right thing with Word 2003 headings but keep seeing this...

7. Big heading
1.1 Next heading

When what I want is

7. Big Heading
7.1 Next heading

This has confused most people I know apart from the very clever chap I sit next to, Tim.

If you are like me you will know that you need to do the following to modify the style of 'heading 2'...
Format - Styles and Formatting
Right click on 'heading 2' and choose 'modify'
From modify dialog, click the 'format v' button and choose 'numbering'
From the 'bullets and numbering' screen hit 'customise'
And lo and behold you are at the 'Customise Outline Numbered List' dialog.

From there I could not figure it out and no matter what I tried it did not work.

It turns out that my level 1 headings and level 2 headings were 2 unrelated lists. Tim figured this out by changing from 'Level 2' in the topmost and leftmost position on the dialog, to 'level 1'. The 'link level to style' field was NOT set to heading 1.

Sounds simple but unless you realise that you need to change the level in the top left to level 1, you will miss this like me and about 5 other people did (all experienced Word users).